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New portable cordless-hydraulic pump B68M-P18A-KV-RC2 is battery operated for independent use.
Having the inherent strengths of the Cembre 18V tool range, the B68M-P18A-KV-RC2 is a lightweight high capacity pump equipped with an innovative radio remote control designed specifically for man-hole environments to allow operators to control and operate the pump away from the man-hole at a safe distance.
New Li-Ion 18V 7Ah batteries provide high capacity while improved operating speed results from a revitalized hydraulic system with double speed action.
A maximum pressure sensor assures greater precision and repeatability of the pressure cycle, while a security valve doubles the provision for operator safety.
The unit is fitted with a patented unique system for stopping the pump when the cutting head sensor signals that its blades have travelled fully.  
At this point the LED indicator and buzzer notify the operator of the successful completion of the cutting operation. The unit has a manual pressure release button in case of emergency.
Easy access to the oil reservoir is by means of an oil top-up inlet.
The innovative remote control function is able to work in man-hole environment where radio communication is normally more complicated.
The unit features an OLED display to provide essential real time tool operating information including:
- Operating mode selection (cutting or crimping)
- Release mode selection (Smart release, manual release)
- Minimum set pressure and momentary pressure reached in bar/psi to allow verification of correct operation
- Battery charge level
- No. of cycles performed
- No. of cycles before scheduled recommended maintenance
- Motor temperature
- Operating command (radio or manual).
The unit has a secondary operating trigger which can be selected through the OLED display in case of need.

Fitted by dielectric oil for operator protection in case of cutting cables that may be accidentally live.
Each radio remote control is paired to only its specific pump using approved USA frequencies.
Designed with improved handling characteristics for convenience and managabiilty, B68M-P18A-KV-RC2 has a fibreglass-plastic shell with high resistance to wear and damage.


Selecting the SMART RELEASE mode on the OLED display allows the operating pressure to be maintained until the operating button is released, thus allowing blades to open automatically at the end of the cutting cycle.
When used in crimping mode this feature allows the operator to make a visual check of the crimped connection.
SMARTOOL technology enables the user to  to store data from up to 200,000 cycles on the integrated memory card for transfer to a computer via a USB cable.
The pump is also recommended for use with Cembre KV type protected crimping heads.

Operating features:

  • 66 ft. radio control operating range
  • Intelligent auto-return at the end of the cycle (Smart Release)
  • OLED multifunctional display with touch button
  • Electronic Pressure Sensor (EPS)
  • SMARTOOL technology for viewing and downloading operational data.
  • Wireless blade sensor (no batteries)
  • Double acting with radio control or manual intervention
  • Pressure release button
  • Audible and visual indication of operational progress, completion and alarms
  • Anatomical shaping for more convenient and practical handling
  • Li-Ion 18.0 V-7Ah rechargeable high capacity battery
  • Automatic battery connection system with release button

Technical characteristics Other characteristics

Battery material Li-Ion
Battery voltage 18 V
Battery current 7 Ah
Nominal pressure 10570.5 psi
Length 14.33 in.
Width 7.32 in.
Height 9.29 in.
Weight with battery 13.64 lbs.

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