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Printing systems assistance

Software upgrade

Close the printing system software and all other application before proceeding to upgrade.



Printer Drivers

Version 30.1.2   Download Drivers




A decade of experience and implementation with the market-leading Genius software has enabled Cembre to set the next bench-mark in powerful printing software - GENIUSPRO.

Simple and intuitive, GENIUSPRO requires the operator to have only basic computer skills in order to access its enhanced features - including a dynamic preview of full-size media providing immediate and accurate sight of the project in hand.

Download GENIUSPRO or activate licence registration and login to the reserved area.


Your Company is not yet registered?



Access reserved area to download GENIUSPRO and to activate new licenses.



Remote assistance for printing systems

Cembre uses the TeamViewer software application via an internet connection to provide quick and effective remote assistance by connecting directly to your computer.

Step 1

To activate Cembre remote assistance, please complete the following form and accept the terms and conditions of use.

Fill in the form

Step 2

Download the free TeamViewer application, save it for future use, run it and write down the ID and Password displayed.

Download TeamViewer

Step 3

Call your local Cembre Printing System Support Technician on the number below and give them the TeamViewer codes in order to start remote assistance.



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